Point. Click. Roll for Damage.

Get your friends together online for your next Pen and Paper RPG session with the RPGrounds Virtual Tabletop. With RPGrounds, you will be slashing your way through monsters in no time. Experience online role-playing with RPGrounds, and feel like you are still sitting around a table with your friends. Sign up for the RPGrounds Beta, and let us show you how easy online tabletop gaming can be!


Immersive 3D
3D experience will immerse you in "Pen & Paper" realism. Be one of the first to explore your adventures in full 3D.

Intuitive Mapping
RPGrounds uses a tiled map system to make map-making easy and intuitive, whether you're preparing in advance, or throwing together a random encounter on the fly.

User Created Content
RPGrounds is offering one of the first 3D engines to support downloaded, or user-created 3D models.